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Who am I?

Biz stuff

I help 2 kinds of companies: deep tech companies and seed/early-stage startups.

For deep tech companies I design and build software demos that will impress attendees of a trade show or investors or potential users. For seed or early stage startups I build prototypes and/or an MVP, and help with hiring and onboarding developers before the series A.

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What did I do before

I started out as a backend software dev in a bank but early on I realized that I wanted to do something different, so I joined an Atlanta based startup as an employee #2.

I started out as an Android developer, but soon I also did the backend stuff in Java/Spring, and taken care of our AWS infrastructure. After about a year or so Google poached our CTO, so I took over his responsibilities. Many 120-hour work weeks later, without significant increase of our customer base I decided to take a java developer job at bigger company - a Croatia's number one web shop.

A few months later I took over a team of about fifty developers as a manager and served as a solution architect for a big-rewrite project at day. At night, I was fixing ever-failing current system. Some years later, I have started freelancing, mostly working with startups.

Tech stuff

I have been programming for more than 20 years. I do backend, frontend and mobile. I started of with C and C++, then switched to Java / Spring, and later to NodeJS / Koa. Lately I am "playing" with Rust. Also, I regularly do frontend projects with Angular, but trying out and enjoying Svelte.

On most of my machines I use Linux Mint with Cinnamon but currently considering swiching back to Fedora.

Other stuff

Recently moved with my family from the Croatia's capital to the country, so given a chance, among other things I am trying to grow strawberries. I already failed with blueberries, blackberries, apricots and persimmons. When I have the time I love to play one minute bullet chess.